When "Thank You " Is Not Enough...

You know those moments when you want to say so much more but a simple "thank you" is all that comes out... that is how I feel today. When we started this adoption journey;  I never would have imagined the individuals who would step up to invest in our children's lives. Many of you know that my mother-in- law has the gift of creativity. She has taken her gift and used it to bless our adoption and little girls who have very little. Her and her friends started making these dresses last winter on their craft days so that we could take them to Ghana in January and for another person to take to Haiti. Once we decided to adopt, Mrs. Miller decided to name the dresses, "Remnant Dresses."  
...A remnant dress is one made with love from leftover fabric “remnants.”

rem-nant: a). a small surviving group
b). an unused end of piece goods

a). may every girl clothed in our dress be a part of the remnant
Romans 11:5 Eph. 2: 13-16
b). God can create beauty from anything and anyone

For each dress purchased, a SECOND dress is given to a daughter of the King living in an orphanage. 

As of today, we have sold 95 dresses and sent 99 to 
Ghana, Haiti, and Zambia!! 

194 girls are a part of the Remnant! 

35 Dresses are leaving for Zambia with the McBride's in 3 weeks!

SO... Mrs. Miller, THANK YOU!!! and thank you to everyone else who has made dresses including my Great Aunt Sarah and for all of you who have bought them and held dress shows. You have invested in an everlasting Kingdom.

If you would like to buy a dress, hold a trunk show, or make dresses; please let me know!! We have sizes 1T-12 girls. $30 each. They are adorable with leggings and long sleeve tees for the fall :)

Because of His Grace,

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. ~Psalm 126:3


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