Family Nurse Practitioner.... check!

This past weekend, I finished my formal education!!! For now anyways.... :) Finishing school brings two thoughts....

1. Thankfulness for my family and friends who encouraged me all the way through! I had over 20 family members come to my graduation. Finishing my degree is a huge testament to the people below. Without them, I would have never had the physical, emotional, and mental strength to finish well. I am forever grateful to those who invested in my education since I was born... those at Nanny's Daycare, Christian Academy of Knoxville, University of Tennessee, and Vanderbilt University. Each step has played an irreplaceable role in who I am today. I want to say a special thank you to my preceptors for this year.... Karyn Jones, Dr. Joseph Peeden, and Dr. Daniel Cox. They sacrificed so that I could learn. They gave their time, energy, knowledge, and heart to invest in me and I am forever grateful!

2. A deep desire to advocate for EVERY child to have the opportunity to go to school. I know school is a negative thing for so many but  you really have to step back and evaluate life without it. Remember... you wouldn't be reading this right now. I would encourage you to invest in ANOTHER'S education... physically as a teacher or coach, mentally and emotionally as a mentor, or financially as a support system.... BR CREATIVE with YOUR gifts!

Karyn and I in Shelbyville, TN. :)

Siblings and Cousins!

Kristina, Grandmother, and Me
Nana and I
Mallary and Me!! A kindred spirit in my FNP program! SO thankful for her.

Dario and Annsley

Annsley and Annalea

Jenny, Lele, and Annsley

Me and Daddy!! Thank you Dad for playing a HUGE role in my education, believing in me, and always pushing me to give my all!

Me and Momma! Thank you for always being there when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore.

Lauren and Annsley

La and Devin

Momma, Aunt Ellie, Nana, and Bessie

Lauren and Connor! I love you two more than you will ever know!

Me and Miss Kirkley! Congrats on your engagement!

Luke, Dr. and Mrs. Miller and my honey! I am so thankful for their encouragement and gifts along the way. Thank you for all the frozen meals so I had time to study and not worry about cooking!

Celebratory dance!  
Jer, thank you for the hundreds of meals you cooked, a shoulder to cry on, a push when I wanted to stop, and a fresh perspective of what's really important in life. I know much of our first year of marriage was spent on the couch together studying but that is right where the Lord had us. I will commit to serving you in this next season of school for you just as you have for me. I love you!

Because of His Grace,


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