Invest in the life of a child

I am just starting to grasp the difference between a handout and an investment in another life. My sweet friends at City of Refuge in Ghana are doing it right. For the past few weeks, they have conducted orphan and child investigations in their village to determine the need for education sponsorships. They went to the 8 village chiefs and asked for their blessing. They spent countless hours conducting surveys of homes and employment status of parents. From this information, they decided which type of coverage a child would need for school, recognizing that some truly need full scholarships, some partial, and some not at all. So... that's where we come in. They are in need of child sponsors..

 To start your sponsorship... go to and indicated which tier you would like to sponsor in the donate box.

You can also go to their facebook page!/pages/Faith-Roots-International-Academy/230644943647740     to see many of the children who need sponsors.


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