family fall 2016

family fall 2016

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Significant gifts!

        Giving gifts never has been my strong point but when I find things that have stories behind them... they mean so much MORE!! They bring reminders every time you wear them and open the door for some INCREDIBLE conversations that you never would have had before. Boys... Valentines day is in a little over 2 weeks :) Girls... tell your hubby, boyfriend, or daddy :)!  I have included the significance of each item under the pictures. Thank you for dong your part
 Remember sweet Josie Love....

 Well.... Her HIV levels are UNDETECTABLE!!!!! 147 Million Orphans has launched a new "LOVE 1+" baseball tee for Josie "Love"!! Because it says LOVE, it makes the PERFECT Valentines Day present! In purchasing this tee, you are helping us celebrate Josie's life, bring awareness to HIV/AIDS, AND feed children worldwide/help give medical care to HIV orphans!   It also comes with a tag explaining all about HIV/AIDS! We have GOT to help other children  get the help that they need/deserve!! Go here to purchase one!


            These next two items are close to my heart because the proceeds from them will be going directly to my brothers and sisters in Ghana!  Lisa Keefer of Keefer Style Creations is making these for us! This beautiful sterling silver Africa cut out comes on an 18" chain. All profits go to missions with  20% of the funds going to FEEDING THE ORPHANS!  Help us FEED the children of Africa and spread orphan AWARENESS. (If you would prefer a different verse or children's names, etc, please note that on your order. Click here to get yours today! 

            We are so excited to announce our newest project: 
   Our dear friends at City of Refuge Outreach have donated land for us to grow our own food to feed the children. This means SELF- SUSTAINABILITY which is a HUGE concept!! " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."   100% of the sales from these shirts will fund this project!!  And this is shirt is so perfect for this!  It is green (growing crops) and says exactly what the shirt will do so you can tell everyone about it when you wear it. It comes in unisex, women's fitted, and youth sizes. Click here for yours!

Last but not least, help us spread the word.... FACEBOOK it, BLOG it!! We can all do our part in bringing awareness. This orphan crisis is not going anywhere until we decide to MOVE!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you!

        We have mailed hard copies of this letter to many who contributed to our trip to Ghana. There is no way for us to know all of the individuals who committed to praying for us so we wanted you to see this letter as well so we could say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Without your support, this trip would not have happened. Thank you for believing in us and trusting us to steward your money and resources well. What you are doing IS making a difference!

Thank you for believing in us and in the bigger picture of what the trip to Ghana meant to us. Thank you for stepping up and supporting the lives of hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children. Because of you, we were able to share the “good news” of our Jesus and love on these kids out of the love we have received from Christ. Your role in this journey was and is irreplaceable. Please believe that! We came home on January 9th, 2011 but that is not the end of the story. We told you before we left that this would not only be a 10-day encounter, but a life commitment to new relationships. We are in this to fight for the hearts of these people, especially the children. This trip was different than any other we had been on. It was our first mission trip together, and Jeremy’s first time to a third world country. Every other trip we had been on, we followed an itinerary during the day, spending time with the people and then going somewhere else at night to sleep. This was different. We were able to truly do life with these children. We slept in the same home (although they continued to spoil us… the Ghanaian culture is extremely hospitable). We participated in morning devotions at 6 am, which Jeremy was given the privilege to lead every day. When we were in the home, we ate every meal with the kids. We have so many stories to tell but I want to give you a small picture of what your giving looked like….
700 children were given meals and heard the love of Jesus through the efforts of an 11-year-old girl and “Feeding the Orphans” ministries. 

46 kids were given Christmas gifts 
40 pairs of feet will have new shoes on them
20 puppets from “Puppets for Orphans” were given out

19 girls were given new dresses
16 kids in the home were adequately treated for ringworm in addition to many others in a remote village 3 hours away

8 ‘little angels’ were given a bed to lay their heads on at night

5 sewing machines were purchased to help single mothers meet the economic needs of their families and be taught the value of their children. They will be making products that will be sold in the US in an effort to keep their children in school and out of danger from trafficking situations, which are rampant in Ghana and all over the world for that matter.  (*If you would like to support these women and children in the future, please visit the "store" at You can easily get to the site by clicking on the button on the side of our blog.

5 chickens were purchased to produce eggs and promote self-sustainability

3 family members (the pastor we stayed with) received a new mattress to sleep on
2 people’s lives that will be forever changed (Ours)
1 very deserving young man received a laptop for auto-clad school from his sponsorship family
1 goat was purchased and prepared as our meal for our going away party
   (I will not post pictures of the goat..Jeremy took them all... I could not watch...)
MANY children received gifts, notes, and pictures from their forever families. Multiple reusable diapers were given to the orphanages and a vast array of medical supplies were used each day. Many of the kids would find the tiniest cuts just so they could receive some TLC from the nurse and her appointed assistant (AKA Jeremy). Hundreds of school supplies were donated which the kids LOVED!! There was such an overwhelming response that we have friends taking two more bags of our stuff on their trip in a few weeks. Please cover them in prayer as they travel to bring their son home!
I know you look at this list and see numbers and “things” but behind those numbers are faces and hearts of children who desperately long to be loved. I don’t know where you stand on the orphan crisis but please remember it is not going anywhere until we MOVE. There are multiple open doors to sponsorship and adoption. Please give it more than a 30 second thought. If you would like to continue to follow and support where the Lord is moving in Ghana, please continue to check in on our blog or or

*We have put all pictures from our trip up on Jeremy’s facebook if you would like to see them.*
Thank you again for blessing not only our lives, but also those of hundreds of children.

~Jeremy and Kristin Miller~

Saturday, January 15, 2011


      We have so many thoughts, pictures, and stories to tell and process through; but I must start somewhere. School has put a damper on my time to blog but I will use my free time and study breaks to share with you. First of all... THANK YOU for "going" with us to Ghana. There was not a day that we didn't feel covered in prayer and support. With that said, this journey is not over... We have new brothers and sisters halfway across the world that will forever be in our lives. We invite you to "do life" with them as well. I have put up all of our pictures on Jeremy's Facebook account since my was deleted in Ghana. If you have any questions along this journey, please don't hesitate to ask!! We cannot express how grateful we are to you. NOW... as I promised, you will see those precious dresses again but this time on the bodies of some deserving little girls.                                                

Mrs. Arnett, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Liedle, Momma Miller, Mrs. Naler, 
Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Kolinsky, Mrs. Hamilton, and Mrs. Stone

I hope you read this and realize you became a momma to 20 little girls last week. By sacrificing your time and gifts to make those dresses, you provided HOPE to these girls. I was able to put the dresses on the little ones and look them in the eye and tell them "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WORTHY." They do not have mommy's lap to sit on or a daddy to tell them they are "pretty." So in that moment, YOU were their moms and I can't tell you how much that means to me because I have fallen in love with these girls. Two of the girls were not there when we gave out the dresses but I left some for them to have later. I hope each of you can read this and accept our deepest thanks for what you have done!

Putting Esther's dress on :)

Esther Pretty in Pink

Annie was so proud of her new dress!

Ruth :)

Isha, Enam, and Esther



Nestine and Djournu


Me with all the young girls

Johnson, Esther, me, and Annie :)

Delight, Blessing, and Mighty looking beautiful

Me with Suzzy and Blessing!

Ruth and her stunning eyes!  

If anyone is interested in making more dresses, you can use fabric or a pillow case. Click on this link to see the pattern 

If you would like to send dresses or donate fabric or pillowcases, please leave a comment or send me a message. There are many more girls who would love to receive "Hope" in the form of a new dress. It is a wonderful picture of CHRIST'S LOVE.  Also, for all of you creative ones out there who want to make shorts or tops for the boys.... it's a thought :) Let me know if you fins a good pattern so I can post it for others. I hope your day is filled with ABUNDANT JOY!!