Stephen.. meaning "Crowned One"

"Crowned One"... a fitting name for a child who has needed to put on his full armor to go into battle...
Stephen approached his principle at Faith Roots International Academy in Ghana at the end of the first semester last December and said not only would he not be coming back because he could not afford school but that he was ALONE. After a home visit by the headmaster this is what was found...

One room... crumbling mud hut.... lacking structure... minimal food.... lost hope... a new baby... a mother who had been gone for 5 MONTHS to find work... and a 17 year old who had just worked hard to finish the first semester of his 6th grade year.

Stephen's mom arrived back home shortly before Christmas. She told the headmaster that she has been ill since she left her home to look for work. She depended on the kindness of strangers to get her well enough to move back home. The headmaster fears the worst...HIV or another debilitating disease. He said she looked so lean and the baby wasn't well either.

So, we are reaching out...we need to find a sponsor for Stephen. It's a $50 per month commitment for Stephen's school fees, book fees, lunch fees, transportation, after school program, uniform, and various other ways that we can support him and his family. 

 Will you prayerfully consider offering HOPE to Stephen and his family? Will you rally a small group, your classroom, your office to help a child who is desperately wanting to go to school and one day provide for his family? You will have the opportunity to write letters back and forth with Stephen and monitor his progress through report cards. You can even go visit him if you want. Stephen goes to the same school as one of our baby girls.

For more information or commitment to "foster" Stephen through this chapter of life, please leave a comment or email me at 

Please help me share Stephen's story and change the life of ONE CHILD today. 


  1. hi my name is amanda i would like to help this boy how can i help this boy :)

    1. Hi Amanda! Please email me at and I will send you information. Thank you for stepping up for Stephen!!


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