family fall 2016

family fall 2016

Monday, March 27, 2017

❤️️Heart and soul assessments ❤️️

The western world clearly values physical and cognitive assessment and milestones.  

We spend countless finances, time, and resources on our physical health and rely mostly on the education system to assess cognition. I'm quick to jump in when there are gaps or regression in these development areas for myself or my kids. 

There is nothing wrong with these focus areas. I wouldn't be writing this or holding my current job without them. 

BUT... what if we placed the same value or even a fraction of the priority on assessing emotional, social, and spiritual milestones in ourselves, our children, our patients? 

My home and my practice would be radically transformed. 

I'm reading this: 


The first few chapters are excellent. 

What if we started not only assessing these soul/heart/ relational areas but identified gaps earlier and trained them. 

The emotional/social/ spiritual realm is the one  where you function as a son or daughter, spouse, or coworker. 

We would be foolish to neglect them. Yet we do everyday. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017



My reading thru Job was timely as 2017 has brought 4 deaths of family members or close friends. 

Some had the hope of heaven and some I don't know. My heart deeply grieves over this more than the deaths. 

Job faced the loss of property and resources but more importantly -10 children.  My momma's heart doesn't even want to go there. He was personally physically tormented. These statesments can't even begin to describe his living hell. 

As I started reading, I loved that his 3 friends traveled far to be WITH him, sat in the floor WITH him for 7 days in silence and were QUIET until he spoke first. As I read on, I realized this is the only thing they would do well in his grief. 

His friends go on to give him advice, condemn him, and call for repentance. They continue to teach him the false gospel that self righteousness, obedience, and repentance = physical prosperity in this life. 

God may choose to bless the morally upright with wealth, health, and prosperity BUT he may not. And that doesn't make Him less God, less good, or less sovereign. That's an easier thing to say than believe. 

Try teaching it to your kids 😜 

The thing I am most blown away with  Job is that as far as I know, God didn't choose to reveal to him the schemes of the devil and spiritual warfare. Job did not have the clear understanding of the gospel, Jesus, heaven and an eternal glory that we have today. 

For him, there was no purpose in his pain. Can you imagine the despair and hopelessness? It almost chokes me thinking about it. 

Suffering is determined by intensity and duration. When I think about my (unintended) natural child birth; I don't see it as suffering. Was it intensely painful? No question. But there was an end and a beautiful physical purpose - my baby. 

I think about Mabel and her suffering in this time on earth. It is long in worldly standards. It will continue intermittently through her childhood and most likely have lifelong repercussions. BUT...

It is temporary. This life will end. The suffering she endures now will produce a greater eternal glory in Heaven for her. I'm jealous of that. 

I will learn to be WITH her in her suffering. I will choose to be WITH grieving friends and family. My gut is to give guidance and help direct emotions but that's not my job. They don't need correction or explanations. They need the hope of the gospel. 

Teaching eternal glory to your child when you're not quite sure of it yourself is challenging. I don't have all the right words and thankfully I don't have to. 

As you continue to pray for Mabel, pray for an unexplainable deep peace and understanding of eternal glory. 

Would we love "successful surgeries"? Yes. 

But those are temporary too. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

The book


This was taken after I sorted thru my shelf of journals, Bible studies, and self help books. 

There is nothing wrong with these but I found myself continually adding more books to my Amazon cart only to realize I have never read the entire book that most of these were inspired by. I reread "Radical" by David Platt with Jeremy this month for his final module in CLC. At the end Platt provides 5 one year challenges. 

One is reading the Bible in its entirety. I love a good challenge but even more I love the discipline and character it brings about. 

So here's to day 4/365. I'm using this. It's the first one that came up on google.