family fall 2016

family fall 2016

Monday, October 17, 2011


A sweet friend did this for their adoption and encouraged me to do it too as a reminder...

Each  puzzle piece has a name of a family member. friend. stranger. who has a piece in our adoption. They have helped through prayer, volunteering at a garage sale, purchasing a dress, shirt, or necklace, providing a home to our darlings,hosting a dress show, supporting, a random check in the mail, helping with paperwork, and the list goes on and on...there are many of you who will do things behind the scenes and we will never know. But He knows and you will be blessed for it.

 Each time we put this puzzle together with the girls, it will serve as a reminder to those who sacrificed. To those who said  "YOU ARE WORTH IT LITTLE ONES"!

Thank you for being A PIECE. The WHOLE would be missing without you. I will update the list every few months as new pieces are added. 

In no particular order....

1. Grandmother Anne 2. Kevin (dad) Lusby 3. Kristina Lusby 4.Phyllis (mom) Miller 5. Stan (dad) Miller
6. Luke Miller 7. Fran (mom) Love 8. Stan Love 9. Dale Love 10. Noel Love 11. Lauren Love 12. Connor Love 13.Jenny Love 14. Joshua Love 15. Dario Love 16. Lauren Lakvold 17. Mallary Malwick 18. Matt Rodgers 19. Emily Rodgers 20. Chelsey Childress 21. Gwen Oatsvall 22. Scott Oatsvall 23. Suzanne Mayernick 24. Mike Mayernick 25. Jan Eberle 26. Michelle Smalling 27. Jenny Carvelato 28. Carolyn Cates 29. Alisha Slimp 30. Chelse Dyer 31. Erin Vandersteeg 32. Taylor Yoakley 33. Allison Yoakley 34. Gayle Posey 35. Bessie Posey 36. Annalea Posey 37. Billy Posey 38. John Posey 39. Lisa Keefer 40. Kristie O'Leary 41. Righ O'Leary 42. Sydney O'Leary 43. Aiden O'Leary 44. Keenan O'Leary 45. Samuel O'Leary 46. Helen O'Leary 47. Josie Love Mayernick 48. Grace Mayernick  49. Michael Mayernick 50. Annabelle Mayernick 51. Miller Anne Mayernick 52. Joshua Mayernick 53. Caleb Mayernick 54. Jeremiah Oatsvall 55. Elijah Oatsvall 56. Emily Oatsvall 57. Maggie Oatsvall 58. Joseph Oatsvall 59. Daisy Oatsvall
60. Wendy Hill 61, Diane Sims 62. Mickey Sims 63. Bonney Daves 64. Amy Ayers 65. Margie Duffy
66. Robin Beebe 67. Reid Beebe 68. Stephanie Bowling 69. Chad Bowling 70. Paige Vonhagen
71. Drais Vonhagen 72. Becca Friar 73. Rachel Friar 74. Jennifer Smith 75. Erin Sanford
76. Sarah Shinpock 77. Jacquie Watlington 78. Greg Watlington 79. Thelen Wright 80. Elizabeth Newman 81. Mitzi McBride 82. Amy Ferguson 83. Janet Browning 84. Mark Browning 85. John Nyavor
86. Irene Nyavor 87. Emily Marshall 88. Stacy Omorefe 89. Johnbull Omorefe 90. Autumn Buzzell
91. Laura Crapps 92. Heather McAnear 93. Mary Harmon 94. Britney Mincer 95. Lisa Finnegan
96. Debbie Lively 97. Joe Lively 98. Monica Livingston 99. Ellen Arnold 100. Chris Arnold 101. Drew Coleman 102. Devin Coleman 103. Annsley Arnold 104. Pam Arnett 105. Luke Bowling 106. Ethan Bowling 107. Claire Lively 108. Nana (Shelbie Thornton) 109. Carter Crenshaw 110. Debbie Crenshaw 111. David Crenshaw 112. Rachel Crenshaw 113. Vicki Gesit 114. Andrika 115. Ashley Hughes 116. Cliff Horne 117. Robert Cook 118. Patti Buzzell 119. Mam Theresia 120. Daddy Joseph 121. Nosa Omorefe 122. Erica Shubin 123. ???
Are you next?! Whew... we may have to get a second puzzle soon.... what a blessing!!!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not where I belong

Alone. afraid. discontent. confused. outcast. let down.  I have felt these emotions on a daily basis over the past few months. I have felt them personally and on behalf of others, namely orphaned children and widows/ single mothers. I have wanted to move to Africa because I don't feel at home here. Will I feel at home there? Probably not. Because THIS IS NOT MY HOME OR YOURS if you LOVE our MAKER with all your heart, soul, and mind. I am at the point where I am way more scared to feel at home and comfortable here than not. We were never intended to be here forever. We were not made for safety, comfort, and to "fit in". WE WERE MADE FOR SO MUCH MORE.   On this quest to live my life in a way that brings glory to the one who made me and love the things He loves, I have found hard. broken. abandoned. I am surrounded by a close knit of families who love serving the least of these, but step too far out of that bubble and you get hostility, ignorance, and lack of support to be frank. All too often, I find myself trying to defend it, prove why it's important. I hear Him whispering "Eyes on Me.... Thoughts on Me.... Heart on Me." This world is passing. What you are fighting for is worth more than other's approval.

"Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth." ~ Colossians 3:2-3
So often I find myself saying when ___ happens (whenever I drink THAT water), then I will be happy and He will use me there and I won't be thirsty for more.

When I.... finish school..... get a job.... have children.... move to Africa.... the list goes on and on and it looks different for every person.

"...Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." ~John 4:13