Prayer Cards

Before throwing your Christmas cards out, consider making them into prayer cards on a board, basket, etc.

For the past 6 months, my girls have been choosing one family from our board to be our prayer focus for the week. Sometimes I will ask for requests from the family and sometimes I don't even tell them. It helps us take the focus outside of us and our kids to learn our people.

 We take their card down for the week and put it in the center of our dining table.

 We also have the names of our ministry partners, places of employment, worship, and schools on the board.

As people come into your home, have them add requests to the back of their cards. It is overwhelming to go back and see His faithfulness. I have prayed many of these new babies into the world.

So fun to see our 2016 board grow. We added lots of new faces with Jeremy starting a new job this year.



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