One of the things that has kept me grounded this week was going back to an old habit with my girls.

Scripture Memorization

 I started weekly Scripture memorization in first grade and continued for the next 11 years thanks to my fabulous Christian education. Back then, it didn't mean much more to me than a grade in my Bible class each Friday but I have hidden those words in my heart and can bring them to mind easily now. I want that for my children as well. They won't be tested on them in the public school system  so it is an important discipline for us at home.

Our church has been going through John so I felt like these  memory prints were a perfect fit. I print them out each week and put it on the table next to our prayer family for the week. I also print extras for the girls to cut out and put up wherever they will see it to practice throughout the week.

Join us?

His word never returns void.


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