We made a promise

We wrote these vows and made a promise to each other one year ago. We recommit to these same words this week. Friends and family, we beg you to help us fight for 
our marriage... 
one year... one day... one breath at a time.

Kristin to Jeremy:
Jeremy, 4 ½ years ago you told me you knew who you were going to marry and you have held true to your word today. I have always admired your honesty and that your “yes” means “yes” and your “no” is “no” even though I may try to fight it sometimes. I’m thankful for a strong man who loves me enough to challenge me. You have fought hard for my friendship first and then my love. You have witnessed my greatest joys and my most broken places and loved me through my messyness. You have been a safe place and best friend for me since I was 16 years old. Our Jesus has blessed you with the gifts of wisdom and discernment and instead of keeping them to yourself; you have willingly shared with all of us. I pray that our relationship with the Lord grows stronger each day so that we may be secure in our relationship with each other and our cups can overflow to love and serve others. I hope that we are slow to speak and quick to listen and forgive one another. Early on, we started to realize how much we have in common but recently; it has been our differences we have noticed. I pray we can be thankful for these things and realize that God is not redundant in making every person the exact same. Jeremy, today is July 17, 2010. We will never get this day back again. Look around and give thanks for all of these people who love and support us. Today our legacy begins as husband and wife. Let us be about the things Christ is about. And I know He is about me and you as husband and wife  
I love you!!
Jeremy to Kristin:
I want to share two thoughts with you. First, I'd like to start by sharing what you mean to me. You are so loyal and committed to me. I'm excited to have you by my side every day to push, help, and support me. You truly are an example of Christ's love. I have never met anyone in my life that loves harder than you. You reach me so much through the way you love me, your family, friends, and even those you don't know. You truly embody the love in I Corinthians 13:4. Your love is so selfless. Thank you for that. Next, I'd like to share what I desire to be for you as your husband. I know that I will fail you many times as I am only human, so for that I apologize. When I do, you can remind me of these vows I am making to you today. I long to be a good husband, leader, lover, and friend. I will love you as Christ loves the Church, His people. I will give myself up for you. I promise to continue to "date" and pursue you daily. My prayer is that our fire and love for each other grows stronger every day.
You are the love of my life. 
My Soulmate. 
Jer made breakfast for our anniversary! For those of you who don't know, Jer cooks ~99% of the time :)

We went up to the mountains and the creek where he proposed 2 years ago :)

The top of our wedding cake :) The K loves J was still good!! The cake... not so much.

Us being silly and reenacting! Yes this was taken with a self- timer :) dont judge


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