She gets it.

Meet  Annalea... my little 12 year old cousin whom I adore.

Annalea's swim team recently had a swim-a-thon. The person who swam the most laps in each age group was given $25 so what did she do... she swam the most of course!! Instead of buying a new purse that I know she wanted (she is quite the little diva), she quietly put her cash in an envelope she had started marked "Robert." Robert is a 15 year old boy in Ghana who was severely injured playing soccer 4-5 years ago. I will tell more of his story later but for now; we are ordering MRI's and x-rays to see what is going on with his back and to see if he needs to come to the U.S. for surgery. Annalea is saving the money for us to use in anyway we need it for Robert... someone she hasn't even met but loves because she gets it. She gets Jesus' heart for for poor, orphaned, and hurting and she is echoing is heart. I am so proud of her and the example she is setting. A quiet reminder for all of us!
Robert :)

Please pray for Robert and for divine wisdom and healing of his body! 

Because of His grace,


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