Moving Weekend!

Right after we closed :)

Jer, Richard, and Nick workin hard! Thanks boys!

Luke and Richard following Amanda's commands :)

Us with the Harbs!!

Break Time!! Thank you Miss Rhonda for lunch!

Jay and Jer utilizing their BIG muscles :)

Me and Amanda!

Dr. Miller practicing his mad carving skills by creating a duck in our watermelon :)

We are so grateful to our friends and family for giving up their weekend to help us move in!! Thank you momma and dad Miller, Lusby, and Love, Richard and Amanda Harb, Jay and Shannon Smith, Luke, Lauren, Jenny, Nick Kolinksy, and Becca and Rhonda Friar!! Our home is filled with furniture and love from many family members and friends. I got to re-open some gifts that I hadn't seen since our wedding (since we had to be selective for out apartment) and it was so fun thinking back to who gave us the gifts. Thank you Allison and our sweet next door neighbors for bringing us house warming goodies :) Really cool story... our next door neighbors have had a garage sale to help raise money to bring home two babies from Ghana who live where we stayed the first time in Ghana.... can anyone say Jesus?!?! We desire for this home to be a safe haven to many over the years to come. Thank you again friends for your generosity in helping us get settled!!



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