The Little Things

" Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
~Mother Teresa
This little boy is in Ghana and the son of our precious friends. He is holding a picture of his momma and patiently waiting for the day they come back for him. Please be on your knees for this family and everything that goes into the adoption process.
      Last night, I laid in bed and thought about all the things that had been done for us in the past 15 days to make our trip to Ghana possible. As an outsider looking in, these occurrences may appear "small" but to us and to the Lord, they mean everything so let me start by saying THANK YOU! These are my thoughts in no particular order....
1. The invitation from the O'Leary family to "GO". They stepped out in faith and worked to open a door for us to travel to Ghana. 

2. In the craziness to get our plane ticket, my name was accidentally put in backwards on the ticket. The ticket was prayed over all weekend and the airline was gracious on Monday morning. If you know airlines, you know this is HUGE!

3. The woman who gave us our shots at the travel clinic had served as a missionary in Nigeria for 13 years and Ghana for 1.5 years. She shared some of her wisdom and tips with us. 
4. A few years ago Jeremy gave $50 to a friend in need to help start her business. This week, she returned that $50.

5.  A sweet woman from Alabama who has connections to our family but has never met us was given one of our support letters by Jeremy's brother. She has not only decided to give herself but took the letter into her Sunday school class and presented our story. We are now being supported by those who don't even know us but desire to see the Kingdom furthered.

6. My Grandmother Anne has been a busy bee cleaning her house and going to her old work place to gather medical supplies for us to take. She has such a passion for these children.

7.My step- mom has used her gifts and connections to take our medical supply letters to local clinics.

8. Mrs. Miller (Jeremy's mom) and her wonderful friends have spent their craft day making beautiful new dresses and clothes for the children of Ghana.

 9. My mom has been a source of encouragement and prayer for me from the get-go. She has been selfless in knowing that us going means less time spent with her and my family at home. I am forever grateful for her love and support.

10. A couple in our community group has committed to supporting us financially. Just on Sunday night, me and Emily were having a conversation about being financially conscious this year in buying Christmas presents. I know this sweet couple may not have the "extra" but they were obedient and gave out of a joyful heart. That is admirable.

**There is so many "small" things I know the Lord is up to that we may not know yet or may never know but He knows and each of you will be blessed for it. Thank you for committing to lift us up in prayer. That is the MOST powerful thing you could ever do for us.

On an end note.... this is another "small" thing we would appreciate prayer for. As of now, we are unassigned seats on the plane. We can pay $400+ to guarantee that we sit by one another on both flights but I feel like the Lord is saying trust me right now and that that money can be used in better places. Please pray for us to be able to sit together which seems so small but in reality, is a big deal to us :)

I encourage you to sit back today and consider the "small" blessings the Lord has placed in your life. Let people know and never forget WHO is behind those small things.

In HIM alone,


  1. Praying for you to continue seeing God's Hand move in miraculous ways. So excited for you!! Anxious to return ourselves! Maybe we will be there at the same time. If your flight are like ours, you will be beside each other without paying the additional fee. Praying for you! Love that you are helping 147 million orphans. I read their blogs very often! Inspiring!


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