Last night a sweet friend and mentor gave me the "Jesus Calling" devotion by Sarah Young. I wanted to share an excerpt from today's entry....

"I AM SPEAKING in the depths of your being. Be still, so that you can hear my voice. I speak in the language of Love; My words fill you with Life and Peace, Joy and Hope. "

     It is EASY for me to "be still" the day after I finish my final exams, when I have nothing written in on my calendar, and my phone has not rung or beeped one time this morning. In all honesty, I have no responsibility today. On one side, this makes my heart relax and filled with joy. There is nothing wrong with a day of rest for anyone!! But, there is something not right about the fact that I have not been able to "be still" in front of the Lord in quite sometime. Yes, I can spend time with Him, but in the back of my mind is the test I need to be studying for or what I can be doing to get ready for our trip to Ghana. In the quote above, it says that the Lord speaks to the DEPTHS of our being. In order to get to my depths, I have made it so that my Father must yell over all the other voices to get my attention. It is not until everything conveniently slows down that I can hear His whisper. I have been convicted lately of "busyness with good things." School, spending time with friends and family, and advocating on behalf of orphans are NOT bad things BUT when they take priority over simply "being still" in front of the Lord, they can become idols. I must be careful and guard myself. Idols are often the things in your life that look the best on the outside and do bring fulfillment, but like everything else on earth; they will eventually fail and destroy you. I will be the first to tell you that I LOVE reading blogs and looking at pictures on facebook. Knowing other's stories brings life to me BUT it does not bring eternal life. I must commit to spending time drinking from the FOUNTAIN of LIFE before I enjoy the blessings He has given us here on earth... each other. I invite you to assess where you are spending your time, energy, money, gifts, thoughts, etc.... and while it may all be "good" things, please be sure to look first to your Creator and simply ask Him if that's where He wants you TODAY, in THAT moment. For anyone who is reading my blog who is not so sure about Jesus, I RESPECT you. Just promise me you will give Him a try and at least ask about Him. You're life will never be the same. And for those who claim HIM, you have made a commitment to HIM as your first love. Do not forsake HIM ( Revelation 2:4) and settle for things of this world. They will all eventually fade away. I have no idea who, if anyone reads this, but if you ever need accountability in "being still," please ask me or a close friend you can trust. "Being still" takes discipline and practice. Our Jesus is not going to sit there and grade you on what you are doing right and wrong. Just simply be willing.

 I hope and pray your day is filled with LOVE, LIFE, HOPE, JOY, and PEACE.



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