Wisdom in delegation

I know as a leader, delegation is important. Knowing and doing are two different things. I have grown in this area but often have to check myself and have others point out the need as well.

Delegation has provided rest and cultivated surrender and trust in me as God prys my little fingers of control back.

Moses learned the value of delegation and letting go from his father in law. 

Exodus 18:13-24

"The next day Moses took his place to judge the people. People were standing before him all day long, from morning to night. When Moses’ father-in-law saw all that he was doing for the people, he said, “What’s going on here? Why are you doing all this, and all by yourself, letting everybody line up before you from morning to night?”
Moses said to his father-in-law, “Because the people come to me with questions about God. When something comes up, they come to me. I judge between a man and his neighbor and teach them God’s laws and instructions.”
Moses’ father-in-law said, “This is no way to go about it.  You’ll burn out, and the people right along with you. This is way too much for you—you can’t do this alone. Now listen to me. Let me tell you how to do this so that God will be in this with you. Be there for the people before God, but let the matters of concern be presented to God. Your job is to teach them the rules and instructions, to show them how to live, what to do. And then you need to keep a sharp eye out for competent men—men who fear God, men of integrity, men who are incorruptible—and appoint them as leaders over groups organized by the thousand, by the hundred, by fifty, and by ten. They’ll be responsible for the everyday work of judging among the people. They’ll bring the hard cases to you, but in the routine cases they’ll be the judges. They will share your load and that will make it easier for you. If you handle the work this way, you’ll have the strength to carry out whatever God commands you, and the people in their settings will flourish also.”
Moses listened to the counsel of his father-in-law and did everything he said."

Is there anywhere you are doing too much and all by yourself? Are you burnt out? Are you looking for competent men and women to share in the work? They may need you call out their potential as a leader. 

Do you know what your job is? More importantly, do you know what it's not? Jethro never told Moses to stop working but to make some changes. 

Did you know that you are not the only beneficiary of delegation? The people you are serving will "flourish also". 


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