Racial mirrors


I recently got this book for the girl's Easter basket. 

Before they came home, I searched multiple stores for black baby dolls but I continue to learn more and more about the importance of racial mirrors in their life. The value of black children and adults in their daily life. 

This includes real people at school, church, and extra curricular activities as well as those in media and print. This sometimes requires an intentional move or change of tradition and plans. 

In the small arount of research I have done, there has been an improvement in diverse racial representation but there is still a major disparity. 

Sadly and humbly, I just recognized that all of the people in our "Clue" game are white. Thankfully, "Guess Who" and "Chutes and Ladders" have people of color in them. Before my girls came home, I would have never noticed this 😞 

I would encourage you to pay attention to the commercials on TV next time you are watching and count the people of color you encounter. It's eye opening. 
Families of transracial adoptees, let's be intentional about incorporating racial mirrors in our lives- not just as a "token" to check off our list, but as a true investment. 


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