Special needs parents

Parents of children with special needs. You are loved. I'm on your team and cheering for you daily.

Yesterday, my last patient was a 40 year old man and his mother. He has significant special needs and she has been his primary caretaker and advocate for 40 years. 4-0!! I managed to get out the instruction I needed too but the only thing I really wanted to do was soak up her humility,  wisdom, and warrior mentality. 

She shared a story of how she advocated for hers son's LIFE at a local hospital, standing up to physicians and other medical professionals. She had called her husband saying she may go to jail over it but she was fighting for him. My insides were cheering so loud! 

They came in for a service but I left with renewed strength, courage, admiration, and grit to continue the fight for the children the Lord has entrusted to us in our time here on earth. 

This mother showed no signs of burnout. Granted I was with her for 45 minutes out of the last 40 years. I know there must have been and will be seasons of tears, frustration, asking "why?", isolation from friends, and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion for that momma. 

But yesterday afternoon, you better believe she showed up and fought the good fight for her child and gave him a voice and dignity. 

I only pray that the Lord shows up big in the way I care and advocate for my kids special needs. My flesh is for sure not cut out for it. May I never forget the eternal implications. 

Parents of special needs. I see you. Your battle is not lost on me. 


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