Single Mommas

We have an opportunity to love on single momma's in Ghana for Mother's Day.City of Refuge Ministries in Ghana has started a second employment opportunity for single mothers in their community in an effort to destroy the root of why children are trafficked into working instead of going to school. The "Save a Child Pure Water Company" will serve to employ these mommas by selling bags of fresh, clean water to the community. On each bag is a message warning against children working on the lakes of Ghana and how to contact City of Refuge for more help. I am SO excited about this fabulous ministry!! As a benefit to working at the water company, mothers are given a scholarship for their children to attend school. The scholarship is $40 USD/ month to cover books, uniform, food, transportation, school/ teacher costs, and transportation. This is where you come in... We need monthly sponsors for these kids. As a sponsor, you will receive a copy of your child's report card after every term as well as letters and pictures from your child. You may choose to sponsor a child in honor of your own mother for Mother's Day this year! These are our children with immediate sponsorship needs. I know it will require sacrifice for you to help send them to school but the eternal blessings are oh so rich! Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring one of these babes and I will send you the info by email. Please share this with your friends by fb or blog. You never know whose heart the Lord is prompting to invest in Kingdom work!




Pictures taken just last week of children working during the day on the lake

These babes have not had a chance to go to school
"Save a Life Pure Water Company"


  1. Jennifer has a sponsor!! Now we need one for Hellen and Prince! Is it you? If you would like to see pictures of other children who need priority sponsors, please visit


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