GHANA... take 2! (how you can help)

We're going back to Ghana...soon!! We are going June 11-19, 2011 to serve with
We will tentatively be working a VBS, feeding and deworming children in a near-by village, helping to build at the new Children's Village, and working with the women's empowerment program, "7 Continents." Most of all, we will be LIVING LIFE and SERVING with our friends who we love dearly! I asked Stacy (momma at City of Refuge what we can bring them and the list is below...) If you would like to donate any items; please leave a comment or email me at by June 5th. We are hoping to have 6 big bags/ crates to fill!!

 Please be in prayer for our time there. Our team will be me, Jeremy, my mom Fran, my step-dad Stan, and two ladies from Generations Adoptions in Texas (they rock :), Heather and Laura!!

We covet your prayers and YOUR ROLE in this journey! Happy Sunday!

Current List of Needed Items at City of Refuge
Children’s Vitamins
Adult Vitamins
Pregnant & Nursing Mother Vitamins
Tylenol – Adult, children, infants
Ibuprofen – Adult, children, infants
Anti-Itch Cream
Allergy Medicine
Antacids (tums)
Vitamin B Complex
Baby Diapers (all sizes)
Baby Formula
Small Toys – like from
Toddler and Preschool Toys
Friendship Bracelet String
Large/Big eyed beading needles
Ground Coffee
Cappuccino Mix
Glue Sticks
Hand Cranked Pencil Sharpeners
Leveled Reading Books

Construction Paper
Paint/ Paint Brushes
Expo White Board Markers (we need a lot of these)
Loose Leaf Paper
File folders
Math Manipulatives
Educational Games, Movies, computer games
Small DVD Players
Research Books – Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, National Geographic’s
School Uniform White Polo Shirts (all sizes)
Underwear: Boys and Girls all sizes
Socks: Boys and Girls all sizes
Sports Bras: Extra small/small/medium
Women’s/Men’s Deodorant
Shampoo and Conditioner
Sports Equipment
Soccer balls
Volley balls
Tennis rackets/balls
Kick balls
Ball pumps
Chen guards
Velcro belts and flags (for flag football)
USB Flash Drives
Laptops for the school
Sunflower seeds
Crunchy snacks and fruit snacks
Tupper Wear type containers
Staff gifts – anything small to show them appreciation
Women’s Purses
Diaper Bags
Girl’s earrings
Muffin tins
Cake/brownie mixes
Cookie mixes



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