The past few weeks, we have been running around frantically in attempt to graduate, finish clinicals, find a house in Knoxville, complete adoption training, and spend some quality time with people we have come to LOVE so dearly. We went to Six Flags and Tin Lizzy's in Atlanta with our community group and all 14 (short one couple because baby Max is not quite ready for the coasters) of us retreated back to our childhood, but came to the consensus that our bodies were not quite 12 years old anymore... We spent our last night with the group last night and needless to say... some tears were shed on my part. We did not expect to find community or at least not community like this while we were here. When we moved here 10 months ago, we honestly had no idea how long we would be here but Knoxville was always in the back of our minds. I can't explain how influential these people were in our first year of marriage. A group is only as strong as it's individual members and I told them last night, the reason we have a strong group is that every single one of these couples made it a priority. They committed 100% to OUR time TOGETHER. That makes a huge difference in the success and safety of a group. So while this chapter of our lives is closing, these faces will always hold a special place in our hearts and marriage!
Leslie and Hunter (our fearless leaders)

Jamie and Beth

Amy and Patrick

Hunter and Emily (it was their one year anniversary :)!!

Jonathan and Caroline

David and Rachel

Tyler, Amy, and baby Max on board :)
We love all of you and will miss you dearly!!!

~the millers


  1. We love you and will miss you so much! Wishing you many blessings in this new walk!

    Amy and patrick


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