Continuing memorial


Aaron was to wear the "breastpiece of decision" over his heart as he entered the Holy Place. (Exodus 28:29-30) 

Decisions flow from the posture of our heart. His breastpiece contained the names of the 12 sons of Israel as a "continuing memorial" to the Lord. 

It was a constant reminder of the Lords faithfulness that he was to remember as he made decisions for the Israelites. 

Do you have any "continuing memorials" to the Lord that you see every day? Are they close to your heart guiding your decisions? 

When we remember and recall his faithfulness; it helps us to take the next small step in faith. 

One of my continuing memorials is the picture above. It's in our living room and I see it every day.

It came from a season of gratitude and counting 1000 gifts. A season of waiting and naming our girls. 


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