❤️️Heart and soul assessments ❤️️

The western world clearly values physical and cognitive assessment and milestones.  

We spend countless finances, time, and resources on our physical health and rely mostly on the education system to assess cognition. I'm quick to jump in when there are gaps or regression in these development areas for myself or my kids. 

There is nothing wrong with these focus areas. I wouldn't be writing this or holding my current job without them. 

BUT... what if we placed the same value or even a fraction of the priority on assessing emotional, social, and spiritual milestones in ourselves, our children, our patients? 

My home and my practice would be radically transformed. 

I'm reading this: 


The first few chapters are excellent. 

What if we started not only assessing these soul/heart/ relational areas but identified gaps earlier and trained them. 

The emotional/social/ spiritual realm is the one  where you function as a son or daughter, spouse, or coworker. 

We would be foolish to neglect them. Yet we do everyday. 


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