The enneagram

For Christmas, my dear friend Hannah gave me this book: 


Our small group read it together and have been discussing our "numbers". It has been so life giving and led to many wonderful discussions with friends and family. It has also widened my perspective of how others see the world and helped me be slower to anger and frustration and quicker to offer grace. Not everyone is like me... nor should they be.. novel concept. 

Do you know anything about the enneagram? If so, have you discovered your number? What about the ones you love? It has been fascinating to be able to put myself a little more into my parent's,, children's, friend's, and Jeremy's shoes. Don't guess others numbers. Let them tell you. 

I used this free questionnaire. Often, people will tie in a certain number or need to do more research on their top 3 or so before typing themselves. 

I am a 2 with a 1 wing 😀 so when my kids decide they don't need me anymore, let me do something for you 😬 I kid, I kid (kinda)

"Who am I if I'm not needed?"

Jesus has me wrestling with this identity question of course. 


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