"The only thing worth counterfeiting is what's valuable. People make counterfeit currency and jewels, not counterfeit bottle caps or garbage. Because the truth of the gospel is priceless, we should expect it to be continuously counterfeited.

Bank employees are taught to identify counterfeit bills by handling the real thing- not by studying all the possible counterfeits. If you're not acquainted with the original, you can easily be deceived by an imitation...

Still, no matter how many counterfeit bills someone might come across, he should never conclude 'There's no such thing as real money.'

What the world needs is the GENUINE gospel, lived and proclaimed by a genuine church. Then it will reveal the counterfeits for what they are." - Randy Alcorn

Counterfeit gospels are sneaky. They look real good and contain partial truths.

This year, I was exposed to and studied a counterfeit gospel. It took me a while to recognize it.

It's a good gut check to remind yourself that there is some fabulous "Christian" writing/ teaching/ sermons/ etc out there

BUT... if it's not SCRIPTURE, it is at risk of being counterfeit. It may not be intentional counterfeit but human opinion can be deceiving.

Its a good challenge for me to acquaint myself regularly with the REAL thing.


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