When other people believe in your dreams

2 years ago, Jeremy and I sat down with Grant Standefer of Compassion Coalition   (which is a FABULOUS man and ministry if you don't them) to share my dream of Knox Area Foster Care and Adoption Ministries (KAFCAM) although I didn't know the name of it then.

2 years later, I sit back and see 20+ people who have not only been gracious enough to sit and listen to God's dream but have believed in it enough to sacrifice their own time and gifts to it. I can't explain the deep JOY you receive when someone else buys into your God size dream. No one has come out and said "I'm in this with you" but they continue to show up. And that is enough when you are questioning "what in the world am I doing? Is this making a difference for anyone?"

This fall, a HUGE piece of this dream is fleshing out. 

We are having a CITY wide adoption/ foster/ orphan care conference for those interested, already invested, or wanting to support this community. 

PEOPLE, churches across our beautiful city have put down their territorial claims and are coming together to love and serve the vulnerable children of our city.

Who doesn't want to be a part of that!?!

 Saturday, November 21, from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Pellissippi State Community College, Hardin Valley campus in the Goins Building. 
- Invested in the orphan care community
- Interested in adoption, foster care and orphan care
- Supporting adoptive and foster families
We hope to Encourage, Equip and Connect people:
We have a great event planned with speakers from local agencies, a role play to learn about foster care, and coffee talk round tables with parents and professionals to learn about various issues facing adoptive/foster families. There really is something for everyone whether you've been involved with vulnerable children for years, want to learn the basics or just want to know how to help your friend who is adopting.


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