In light of this week's event, I thought I would share. Tonight we were reading Phillipians 4:6-7.

We went around and shared the things we were worried about. "changing positions with my frame on, new classes or sports, getting a new family (break my heart.. this is a different conversation all in itself), going to prison (PAUSE... WAIT... HUH?!?). I asked jokingly if she was planning to break the law and then she went into every. single. detail. of the bold story of Mrs. Rosa Parks. I didn't even know she knew that story, although I'm thankful she does. She then proceeded to tell me how thankful she was that she didn't live back then because she "probably wouldn't be able to be in this family" and she "loves being in this family."


Still am a little.

She didn't live back then but she lives now. When there are still racial hate crimes occurring.

I started thinking back on our time in Ghana walking through Elmina castle and learning the history of my girl's family. MY FAMILY.

I have NEVER been worried about being arrested for anything. Especially not because of the color of my skin. My girls don't comprehend the African slave trade or what happened in Charleston on June 17, 2015 but they will one day.  Satan will use these things to strike fear and worry in them.

Jesus, open my eyes. Help us to be a watchman on the wall for our children's heart. Forgive my ignorance and have mercy on all of us. 


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