Last week, I went to a conference for the Christian Alliance for Orphans with 2,500+ people who share my deep passion for the orphan. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

The mission of the alliance is to "inspire, equip, and connect Christians to make the gospel visible through ADOPTION, FOSTER CARE, and GLOBAL ORPHAN INITIATIVES rooted in the LOCAL church"

I learned LOTS of things!

This is one.

What is the MOST powerful agent of change in our world?

governments.power. law. policies. procedures. force. non-profits.  sound doctrine. good intentions. self-discipline. ???

"to be loved deeply AND know that you are"

Do the kids in YOUR city foster care system. in orphanages around the world truly KNOW they are loved? Do you love them? Do you know ONE of their names? Do you pray for them? Honestly?

Do you know YOU are LOVED? 


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