"That instead of saying: It’s not my child, my community, my problem, a Lent that says: It’s not happening on my watch."

Lord, "Give us a Lent that goes with less so others can live "
- Ann Voscamp

Consider ending your lent with this?

The Millers will be joining in on "Forget The Frock" this year!! All of the proceeds towards Feeding the Orphans will go towards babes in Ghana in the homes that Portia and Mabel used to live in plus many others!!  I challenge you, your family, your youth group, your church to do the same!!
To order your shirts from FTO, go HERE!

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Forget the Frock isn't a charity--this is a MOVEMENT, started by a woman who loves Jesus and answered His call to do SOMETHING. That something was the decision to forego all the frilly frock (you know, dresses, suites, ties) that accompanied Easter attire and purchase a t-shirt that actually served a PURPOSE, a shirt that would feed a hungry child. This movement isn't asking you to support a specific cause, and we're not into fundraising.  We're here to challenge you to apply James 1:27 to your life by simply choosing to wear an article of clothing that meets a need instead of adorning ourselves this Easter Sunday.
To learn more about Forget the Frock, go to



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