It is Advent: Come


We finally received our old barn door with the lyrics to "Invade" by Watermark and I'm in love. It will be hung in our front foyer as a reminder. The timing was divine. It is Advent: Jesus Come. Invade. I am walking through "The Greatest Gift" by Ann Voskamp over the 25 days of advent and highly recommend it for next year if you want. It is a short, daily breath to SLOW DOWN. This season and this life are not an emergency. Consider watching this video below to get a taste...



In the midst of Disney world, law school finals, new work projects, OB appointments and preparing for our son, Jude, Mabel's 6th birthday (1st party) tomorrow, hardware removal surgery on Monday for her, and Christmas on Wednesday.. I can whisper Jesus Come.


"Is my life about the heart of things? Is my Christmas?"- Voscamp.

 Is yours?


  1. Love the barn door. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and you get some time to rest.Congratulations on everything you have accomplished. I can tell you are an awesome mom. Merry Christmas!


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