family fall 2016

family fall 2016

Friday, July 12, 2013

Living a Life on Purpose

I was taught a discipline in the spring that has been so instrumental in my thoughts, words, and behaviors and wanted to share it to see if it will bless anyone else.

When I went back to my other full time job; I quickly got entangled in the mind lie that "the only thing I do is go to work, come home, cook, clean, wash clothes and dishes, bathe, do my best to love my new children and my husband, call my friends back that called me days ago, read the Bible when I can keep my eyes open, and sleep." Been there? Did you catch that ONLY word. NOT ENOUGH. NO SATISFACTION. NO CONTENTMENT. Or what about, "I am not good at any of my roles.. mom, wife, daughter, friend, employee, sister, daughter of the King? I can do them all half-hearted but none great so I might as well bow out now? Or it may come out more like screaming "I"M QUITTING IT ALL" on those not so good days.

A few months ago, I was introduced to the idea of making a "Life Rule". I hear rule and it doesn't freak me out because I tend to be a people pleaser but some of you are like "I'm out right there." Hang on.

The whole idea is that you look through how you are investing your time, money, thoughts on a day to day basis and you start writing it down. You don't make up new things because you are not doing enough. You very well may need to cut something out if you find yourself overcommiting. Who does that? ;) You write...

Every day I will.....

Every week I will....

Every month I will....

Every year I will....

Who will hold me accountable in this season?

And you fill it in with things like get a good night's rest, read to your kids, scrub your toilets, commit to dedication in your workplace, be faithful in your marriage, go on vacation, prepare meals, weekly corporate worship, drink 8 glasses of water/day, date night, load the dishwasher, go to lunch with your parents, iron that shirt you have ironed 45 other times, exercise, meal plan, pray, drive your kids to school, serve another, mow the grass, take a day of solitude, practice a sport, honor the Sabbath, help with homework, go to the grocery, meet with your small group, write a letter....

The point is not to have the longest list but to write what you are already doing in your every day and more importantly understanding that everything you write down is ON PURPOSE. YOU ARE LIVING A LIFE ON PURPOSE. My purpose is to bring GLORY to my creator. I can bring glory in every one of the actions above and that for sure is not doing NOTHING. The point of this is also not to be legalistic. It is not to beat yourself up if you don't uphold the rule. We already have enough expectations to add more. If it becomes that, another expectation, ditch it.

This is an incredible thing to do with a spouse, parent, friend, small group, etc... It really shows you where your priorities are and helps you to say "No" to things. We can say that? :)

It allows me to be more intentional about where I spend my time and effort. Some seasons, I have felt "full" of meaning and some I haven't.  It is not for me or you to judge what "actions" are meaningful to the Lord.  He only wants us to examine our hearts in what He has placed in front of us today. It may be severely malnourished babies in India or it may be making one more egg and washing one more dirty stain out of those baseball paints with a joyful heart that brings glory to your Creator.

Hang the list up where you can see it so on those days where you feel like "I DON'T DO ANYTHING" :), you can have a gentle reminder. And remember seasons change for a reason. Your list will change too.

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