things I want to remember...

"mommy please wear my clothes for me". translation "Please help me put my clothes on"

"mommy we need some pomade (aka lotion)"

1 AM- "What are we doing?"- my hunny

"What is this"- pointing to hair dryer. "Ooohh... let me go and get my hands wet so you can dry them mommy"

"Mommy you look ugly" (in the swimming pool), "Why? says mommy" "You have those black things under your eyes. (aka makeup running down my face)- I have one girl who will shoot you straight. Another morning putting on powder "Mommy that makeup makes you look like an old woman"
- oh dear!!

Someone poots (aka "flash" in Ghana). Mommy- "You need to say excuse me. You are a lady". "No mommy, I am an old man"

" how do you off it"- (aka turn it off)

"I need Xanax IV"- my hunny again ;)

"Daddy, remove yourself" (aka put me down) "Take me" ( pick me up)

"My back is hurting"- my 15 year old brother. "It's ok for you to tell the kids you can't hold them today" - me. "No, they need to be loved"- my brother (melt my heart)

"I love you to the moon and back" from 20 little girls as we tuck them in at night

"My eye is paining me" (aka hurting)

1st day my girl calling me "Auntie Kristie" 2nd day " Auntie Mommy" 3rd day "Mommy"
- there is nothing sweeter.

"Some days I want to go home because I miss my family and friends but it just takes one of them looking at you to realize we are where we are supposed to be" - my 17 year old sister

"I am ready to go home with you but I need to go tell my friends bye first"

"WE ARE COMING BACK FOR YOU"- mommy and daddy to the girls


  1. We've had many "What are we doing?!" conversations at 1am over the past few months. You are not alone! :)

    Congrats again on your new additions.


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