faithful in the little

The most prominent and invading thoughts in my head over the past few weeks.. months really... have been "Jesus, what else can I do? What do you have for me?".. So, do you see the issue? I didn't for months, years even. Because in my mind, I was available to Him to be used and I still am but my focus has changed. I have spent many nights crying on the floor, begging my husband to let me stop working and move to some far away land. Jeremy has been patient with me and quietly whispered words of encouragement. He has gently asked "When will it be enough for you? " Through my husband, the Lord has whispered a few words of wisdom into His answer for me...

First... it is NOT about what else I can do for Him. His love for me is not based off what I can do for Him. He doesn't even need me to "do" for Him. But, out of a deep love for Him, I have the honor to do for His children what they can't for themselves and so do you.

Second, He had already answered the second question and readdresses it every single day for me. He has strongly commanded be to be faithful in the little that I put in front of you today. Be faithful to each patient who walks into your exam room, be faithful to the husband I have given you, be faithful to the dishes and clothes you have to wash because they are gifts from above and some people don't have that, be faithful in finishing the child sponsorship packets that you keep putting off because you don't feel like paperwork matters, be faithful in the finances I have entrusted you with, be faithful to your parents who I have given to guard you in this life, be faithful to your friends and community group. Over and over Jesus whispers to me... "Be faithful in what I place before you each day. Don't go looking for more because then you short change the other." 

Be faithful in the little and I will do 
"immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine"
- Eph. 3:20 

What is he asking you to be faithful in? 


  1. Sweet Kristin, You are living this out dear friend. You are faithful in the little things. You are faithful in what matters. You are faithful in what you have been entrusted. Keep living it. Keep proving yourself faithful. For Jesus. Love you!


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