Meet the girls of our community group (minus one :( we were missing this night). We started meeting along with our hubbys in September of last year and meet 3/4 weeks of every month. Two weeks are spent as time in the Word or hearing the stories He has created in each couple's lives. The last week is dedicated to a night of fellowship and getting to know one another on a deeper level. Ten months of this chapter in our lives have been/ are in Nashville. I knew very few people moving here so we made a committment  that we would plug into some type of community no matter how long we would be staying in Nashville. The week after we were home from our honeymoon; we met a couple at church who had been married the same day as us and shortly thereafter we found ourselves in this community group. These girls have made it so incredibly easy to "be all here." The group has been a safe place for us to go and talk about life and the messyness of it. I am so thankful for each of the women and men in this group and will forever remember their accountability and community in our first year of marriage.

          I want to challenge whoever is reading this to find a community group. The dynamics will look different for different people. But married, single, old, young, whoever... find a "smaller" group where you feel safe to be YOU! I know it is common for boys and men to have a harder time finding strong friendships but this is a great way to build FAITHFUL relationships. No matter how long you will be planted in a walk of life; I encourage you to find community. We were never intended to walk this life alone and the Lord can teach us elements of HIS character through others. If you are having a hard time finding a group, start one on your own! Open your home. Allow people to listen and be there when life is good AND when life is really hard.  We will meet with these sweet people until the day we move but they will always share a spot in our heart. And... I am praying for our next community group! You should too!



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