Significant gifts!

        Giving gifts never has been my strong point but when I find things that have stories behind them... they mean so much MORE!! They bring reminders every time you wear them and open the door for some INCREDIBLE conversations that you never would have had before. Boys... Valentines day is in a little over 2 weeks :) Girls... tell your hubby, boyfriend, or daddy :)!  I have included the significance of each item under the pictures. Thank you for dong your part
 Remember sweet Josie Love....

 Well.... Her HIV levels are UNDETECTABLE!!!!! 147 Million Orphans has launched a new "LOVE 1+" baseball tee for Josie "Love"!! Because it says LOVE, it makes the PERFECT Valentines Day present! In purchasing this tee, you are helping us celebrate Josie's life, bring awareness to HIV/AIDS, AND feed children worldwide/help give medical care to HIV orphans!   It also comes with a tag explaining all about HIV/AIDS! We have GOT to help other children  get the help that they need/deserve!! Go here to purchase one!


            These next two items are close to my heart because the proceeds from them will be going directly to my brothers and sisters in Ghana!  Lisa Keefer of Keefer Style Creations is making these for us! This beautiful sterling silver Africa cut out comes on an 18" chain. All profits go to missions with  20% of the funds going to FEEDING THE ORPHANS!  Help us FEED the children of Africa and spread orphan AWARENESS. (If you would prefer a different verse or children's names, etc, please note that on your order. Click here to get yours today! 

            We are so excited to announce our newest project: 
   Our dear friends at City of Refuge Outreach have donated land for us to grow our own food to feed the children. This means SELF- SUSTAINABILITY which is a HUGE concept!! " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."   100% of the sales from these shirts will fund this project!!  And this is shirt is so perfect for this!  It is green (growing crops) and says exactly what the shirt will do so you can tell everyone about it when you wear it. It comes in unisex, women's fitted, and youth sizes. Click here for yours!

Last but not least, help us spread the word.... FACEBOOK it, BLOG it!! We can all do our part in bringing awareness. This orphan crisis is not going anywhere until we decide to MOVE!



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